Our Mission

Parent-Partner, Sharing values:

With the support and involvement of parents, we aim to equip our children with the skills and personal resources needed to thrive with dignity and purpose in an ever-evolving world.

Therefore, we train our children to: 

  • Think critically and analytically as part of rigorous academic study, and creatively solve problems, equipped with the technological skills needed to function effectively and resourcefully in an increasingly complex world.
  • Communicate and interpret with self-confidence in various media and languages; and respectfully engage with different perspectives.
  • Adhere to ethical standards of inner integrity and honour, independent of a controlled environment or supervision.
  • Keep physically and emotionally healthy to deal with the demands of an active and challenging life.

Training Leaders, Building Enterprise:

We understand the importance of developing in our children effective and bold decision making skills, while supporting them as they explore and expand their talents and interests. Therefore: 
  • At the Spelmore Institute teachers are trained in child-centred teaching methods which engage the children in learning activities and projects that are challenging and relevant.
  • We promote independent learning and practice, thereby encouraging the confidence, calculated risk-taking, and self-discipline needed for leadership.

Global Enterprise Education For Africa:

Africa is rising. We want to ensure that our children are at the forefront of the New Dawn in Africa, ready and able to change the continent for the benefit of all. 
  • Our focus is not only on guiding children through rigorous academic study, but also on teaching global enterprise skills. We are teaching our children to apply the knowledge learned: to analyze and evaluate information, and to ultimately create new ideas and enterprises with this knowledge.
  • We teach course subjects by showing how the knowledge can be practically applied and use field trips and enterprise projects as part of learning.
  • We promote a global perspective of business and teach a history course which reflects the contributions of all nations, from ancient times to the present day; and teach languages from different cultures; as well as age-appropriate Business and Entrepreneurship courses.

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