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International Boarding

Boarding for International Students:

  • Comfortable and secure self-contained dorms:

Students will be in small dorms of no more than 4 per room; with sitting area amenities including television, fans, and lounger seats. Each dorm will have its own kitchenette facilities, and shower room.

  • House-keeping, supervision, and Chaperones:
Each dorm will have a dedicated house-keeper, who will prepare meals, and provide full cleaning and laundry services, to free students to attend to their studies. House-keepers also supervise students, and accompany them on extra-curricula excursions.
  • Full board with nutritious vegetarian meals:
Fees include 3 daily meals, 7 days a week. However, parents should provide students with ‘pocket money’ for additional snacks, and spending money for extra-curricula activities.
  • Separate housing for girls and boys:
There are separate dorms for boys and girls, as well as gender matched House-Keepers.
  • Extra-curricula activities including: swimming, cinema, school trips, camps and more:
Boarded Students are taken on bi-weekly excursions, consistent with the homework timetable, and for motivation and relaxation.
  • Terms, conditions and consents for boarding arrangements- Kindly contact the Administration Office: thespelmoreinst@gmail.com
  • Interviews- conducted by arrangement in the home country.
  • Fees- for boarding fees please inquire through the Administration Office: thespelmoreinst@gmail.com