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The Spelmore Institute is a full-time Day and Boarding International School, preparing students to sit IGCSE exams:

Nurturing Confidence, Integrity and Vision.

“Our children have made significant and measurable progress at the institute, and their enthusiasm for learning has blossomed.”


Education that is:

Instilling a culture of excellence. 

Our Curriculum:

Core subjects include English, Mathematics, Science, Geography, Computer Science, Design & Technology and French using blended, inquiry based learning while following the British Curriculum. Also taught are Entrepreneurship, African/Global History, Creative Thinking, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning, Business Law, Martial Arts and Self-Defense; with  Music (Piano, guitar, or violin), Drama and Brain Sports (Chess and computer learning games). Our After School Clubs also include Debating, African or Asian Languages, S.T.E.M Masters, and more.

Our Educators:

Our committed and innovative teachers are both local and international. They work in partnership with parents to achieve the mission of the School and create a safe and nurturing environment, based on a culture of mutual respect and dignity. Teachers receive regular training on current teaching ‘best practice’, and are encouraged to use the natural environment and technology to enrich the learning experience.

Our Class sizes and Diversity:

Class sizes are small, as we believe that children learn best with a low teacher-pupil ratio. We also understand that children learn at different paces, and may have greater aptitude in some subjects over others, at different times. Therefore, we do allow children to sit their IGCSEs ‘early’, with parental support and after passing preparation assessments. We also welcome children of all racial, cultural and religious backgrounds; and respect their forms of worship, which is reflected in our non-denominational school assemblies.

Our Learning Methods:

To achieve our mission we employ child-centred teaching and blended learning methods, inspired by the Bloom’s Taxonomy of learning, to ensure that classes are challenging, relevant and engaging. Lessons are supplemented by Internet based courses, and interactive learning materials.

Our Diet:

The Learning Centre is Vegetarian. Hot vegetarian meals are provided for lunch, while only ‘wholefood’ snacks are available on site.

Our Motto:

“From Joy comes Success”– As educators we believe that the ‘education’ of our children must primarily involve nurturing a child’s creative genius, to draw out their talents and full potential.

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