• Places are offered to children who pass our Entrance Examination with an overall mark of no less than 75%.
  • Pupils who pass with an overall mark of 90% or more can apply for bursary assistance with their fees to be calculated on an individual basis of up to 50% of regular fees.
  • Pupils are graded according to ability and not by age alone where appropriate.
  • Parents will be required to pay the following fees:

Registration Fee: This fee represents the administrative costs of processing your child’s application forms as well as the Entrance Examinations for your child. A separate registration fee is required for each applicant.

Admission Fee: This is a one-time cost, which will allow your child to gain entry to The Spelmore Institute. Parents will be notified of the current Admission Fee at the time of payment of the Registration Fee.

Tuition Fee: This fee can be paid either termly or yearly in advance and varies according to the Key Stage of your child. Fees are non-refundable even on withdrawal of the child from the Institute.

Tuition Fee payments include the costs of:
Tuition by Ghanaian and Expatriate accredited teachers.
Sports activities.
Parent-led classes.

Other Costs: Other costs that you should also be aware of include:
School uniforms (mandatory)
Lunch program (optional)
Extra-curricular activities (mandatory)
After school Program – available from Monday to Friday (optional)
Learning Materials (mandatory)
Excursions and school trips (mandatory)

At this time we do not provide the fees online. Please visit the Administration Office for the current fees.

Please note that there is a Withdrawal Form for children leaving the Institute available from the Administration Office.

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